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breaking news in burlingame, hundreds of hotel guests were evacuated this morning. within the past few minutes we've had new developments from the scene. >> terry mcsweeney is live at the airport embassy suites. what is the new information? >> reporter: everybody can go back in the hotel has been cleared and checked out and deemed safe to go back in. as of 1:00 this morning it was a different story. look at the evacuations that were going on. the alarm guess off in the hotel and people are told -- the alarm goes off in the hotel and people are told they have to go the problem was a boiler emitting carbon monoxide it got into the hotel. the story may begin yesterday 6:30 when someone who was staying here was taken to the hospital. 12:30 this morning we are told that the fire department was asked to come back out and
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check the air. there may be a tie in between the person taken to the hospital and the situation out here that led to the evacuations. we talk today a person who spent much of the night sleeping in his car. >> rude awakening about 1:00 when the fire alarm went off. first we thought it was a drill. then all of a sudden the police department came on and said this is carbon monoxide everyone needs to evacuate. >> reporter: the bad news at 1:00, good news now at 5:00 people are allowed to go back into their rooms, everything is clear. a lot of emergency vehicles still out here, california disaster, medical support, police and fire from all over the central and northern san mateo county still on the scene out here but it is going to be returning to normal quickly we are told the boiler that was causing the carbon monoxide to leak has been isolated and shutdown going to
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be back to normal soon. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. good news it is all clear, everybody back in. time for a check on the weather forecast. it was chilly outside for those folks who had to evacuate. >> if you think it is chilly now wait until this afternoon. not much of an uptick in temperatures today. good morning, 5:02. several -- not picking up anything in the bay area, eureka doppler dialed in you can see rain even moderate rain with yellows that's the showers from crescent city tour rica. all this is going to slide south along the coast, hit us in the morning in the north to afternoon in the south bay be prepared for wet weather and blustery conditions even if it is not showering in your neighborhood yet mid to upper 50s at the coast upper 50s to
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near 60 for the rest of us, showers moving through the bay north to south if you are going to be in the heart of the bay your lunch hour may be a little wet. here's sue. according to bart major delays 30 minutes perhaps longer. south san francisco in the millbrae, pittsburg and sfo direction. expect at least 20 to 30 minutes now we'll check back with bart momentarily and see if that has been updated. eastbound highway 4 loveridge still have an accident there pardon me roadwork there, roadwork in marin county highway 13 scratch that just roped at broadway terrace moraga avenue that emergency roadwork has been picked up now. >> we'll keep checking with you on those bart delays. grand opening of a giant
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outlet mall in the bay area brings excitement, promise of new jobs and word of warning to commuters along 580. amy hollyfield is live at the new paragon outlets had in livermore. >> reporter: good morning. big crowds mean traffic problems, you might want to consider that today because of a shopping center opening 10:00 this morning. there is excitement, security officials say they had to turn people away who wanted to cam here overnight -- wanted to camp here overnight the paragon outlet has 130 stores and restaurants. so many people are expected today, officials think there will be traffic delays in the area this is off of 580 at the el charro exit in livermore. predictions are this will generate six to eight million dollars a year in sales tax revenue for livermore. the mayor says that is a relief after tough times. >> four years ago we saw our revenues drop 20% here in
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livermore. we took almost a 16 million dollar hit from 85 million dollars to about 70 million dollars. so that was a drop in property tax and sales tax. >> reporter: look at this picture that's the line at the job fair they held last summer that attracted thousands. this outlet has created 2,000 permanent jobs and hundreds of seasonal ones. there are 543,000 square feet here and they are not finished. they are going to break ground on an addition to this monstrous mall in the spring. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 5:05. in a few hours demonstrators are planning a peaceful protest at the grand opening of a chick-fil-a in walnut creek the protesters say they are against the company's stance -- about 100 people are
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camped out overnight to be the first in line they will receive meal coupons for free meals at 6:30 a.m., 52 free meals going out the protest is scheduled to begin at 9:00 this morning. a group of women with major financial backing preparing to launch recall campaign against san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi. anti-domestic violence advocates plan to make it official next week. the same group who successfully campaign odd to defeat super adviser christina alagi in tuesday's election, -- one of four who vote give the sheriff his job back. mirkarimi was suspended following a domestic violence incident involving his wife before he was resainted. president obama and congressional -- leaders barely have time to cap their breath. the fiscal cliff that threatens to throw u.s. economy back into recession. katie marzullo live in the newsroom in is going to take compromise.
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>> reporter: -- skeptical they are going to do it, lawmakers have not found much common ground over the past four years washington remains almost unchanged after the election. president obama has already talked with the top four leaders in the house and senate on the phone from chicago before returning to the white house last night that includes house speaker ran john boehner. he says his party is willing to consider tax increases only under the right circumstances which include fewer tax loopholes and simpler, fairer tax code. right now all sides are laying out opening arguments for negotiations that are to come. they need to avoid severe and automatic government spending cuts and tax hikes that will take place january 1st. those cuts and hikes total 800 billion dollars. in the bay area there's hope president obama's reelection will bring amick boost especially in the silicon valley. with health care behind him
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the tech industry feels the president can turn his attention to jobs, housing and clean technology. katie marzullo, abc7 news. s did are trying to determine how badly hurt an 11-month-old fremont baby was when she fell from a third story window yesterday. firefighters say the baby landed in bushes outside her home in the 800 block of walnut avenue yesterday afternoon the baby was unconscious when she was airlifted to the hospital but breathing and crying on arrival. police say her mother was nearby when the baby fell they consider this to be an accident. the district attorney's office could decide whether to file charges against three daycare workers under arrest for the death of a baby in their care. the center remains closed. the owner and staffers face charges of involuntary manslaughter. an autopsy shows the
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four-month-old accidentally suffocated after the bedding cut off the child's airway. investigation by the state department concluded that staff found the boy and waited 25 minutes before they called an ambulance. this morning a sonoma valley man facing several charges after a 93-year-old man was hit and killed riding a scooter. the victim was alvin hess of sonoma. a driver hit him and took off. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. deputies spot the car with a damaged bumper later and arrested an 80-year-old. he told officers he thought he hit debris in the road. he was driving on suspended license. rain coming our way that could do a number on our afternoon commute, morning commute there's a bart problem. >> sue is tracking all of this. i just got off the phone
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with bart, now 15 to 20 minute delays rolling through south san francisco station in sfo and millbrae and pittsburg direction not as bad as we thought some sort of equipment problem. no other mass transit delays. highway 13 broadway terrace area in oakland has been reopened due to emergency overnight roadwork. that is now flowing smoothly through the area. quick look at toll plaza light traffic heading into san francisco and no metering lights. here's mike with your forecast. good morning. live doppler 7 hd, what we are going to show you is rain that is moving along 101 well up in the northern part of the state from crescent city to eureka. yellows that's moderate rainfalling that's the type of weather headed our way for the morning into the afternoon. when you step out, it is
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blustery already, winds gusting to 32 miles per hour sfo, 35 oakland, 24 novato and fairfield, 30 hayward, 23 livermore, just a breath in san jose northwest at three. moisture just not with this system, the deeper greens to the north and off to the east. we will have showers, we will have rain, only a 10th to quarter of an inch will move into the north bay before noon and hit the south bay and start to exit around the 4:00 hour scattered showers possible later on highs in the 50s to near 60 even cooler with thunderstorms tomorrow and small hail, it will be drier saturday and sunday. 5:11. sentencing day for the gunman who went on a deadly shooting rampage in phoenix, arizona. what he's expected to hear from the survivors, including a former u.s. congresswoman. traveling for the holidays
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will be a big test of your patience. we'll have one tip that could help you save time and money with >> first the money report. >> reporter: good morning. jittery investors will try to snake off the sharpest sell-off in a year the dow lost almost 313 points after the president's reelection on worries about the so-called fiscal cliff and europe's debt crisis. 250,000 cars and trucks could end up as total loss from hurricane sandy which might lead to a spike in new car sales. automakers say 16,000 new vehicles many at the port of newark will have to be jammed. wal-mart opening 8:00 on thanksgiving.
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welcome back. 5:15. ferry building now blue flag on top and it is really unfurled thanks to the gusty conditions dress for that temperatures in the 50s, no fog rain on the way. employees are returning to a no plant as police continue
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-- a fresno plant as police continue to investigate a shooting. -- the owner of the valley protein chicken processing plant says there were no arguments or any apparent reason for the violence police say jones had been in and out of prison before. in arizona sentencing scheduled today for jared loughner the man behind the shooting rampage that left six dead and wounded former congresswoman gabrielle giffords. today is the first time victims will confront him about the shooting. 12 other people were hurt in the shooting, both giffords and her husband mark kelly are tentatively scheduled to be in court for that hearing. laugher in pleaded guilty three months -- laugher in pleaded guilty three months ago.
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a government official in myanmar says president obama will visit the country later this month. this will be the first visit ever for an american president. the myanmar official says security details are being prepared for a visit in mid november. so far no confirmation from up is officials. the obama administration has tried to encourage recent democratic progress in myanmar by easing sanctions applied against the country's previous military regime. if you are flying over thanksgiving be prepared, planes will be packed and seas will be expensive. average flight will cost $385 round trip, 9% more than last year. experts suggest you might save by flying on thanksgiving day and returning the following tuesday those are lightest travel days that could give you more breathing room on the plane that is important. >> definitely. traveling around this morning getting to work on bart could cause some delays. >> this is near the airport
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too. let's check in with sue. i just go off the phone with bart, this is between colma and daly city, 15 to 20 minute delays due to equipment problems on the track. once you get past daly city station things pick up looks like it is improving. not as bad as we thought i will be checking back with bart. no other problems with mass transit. highway 13 open due to emergency overnight roadwork that opened a few minutes early. drive out of the central valley is slowing a bit not bad once you head to the altamont pass dublin pleasanton area broadway tunnel closed for cleaning until 6:00 detour in place on pacific avenue to get around that. bay bridge toll, metering lights off, stall by treasure island off-ramp there blocking
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left lane crews on their way to get that out of there. good morning. 5:19. live doppler tracking the rain up to the north you can see it moving into crescent city and eureka on 101, we have moderate showers within this rain that is going to head our way after the morning commute. for the rest of the day, be prepared for wet weather. this morning it is cooler and windy. a little wind chill,. upper 40s in santa rosa, napa, fairfield, low to mid 50s for the rest of us. monterey bay and inland low to upper 50s. breezy, showers today and tomorrow, thunder possible tonight small hail that will extent into friday's forecast. chilly mornings sunday and -- extend into friday's forecast.
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let's talk about today temperatures keep tumbling, one degree cooler in oakland. concord 10° cooler. as we look at forecast cold front went through last night brought breezy conditions here is the wet weather that is going to roll in the next 12 to 14 hours or so, going to move into the north bay after the morning rush hour, you can see about 9:00, 10:00 moving into the heart of the bay noon to 1:00 south bay in the afternoon, scattered showers evening overnight through friday morning friday afternoon scattered thunderstorms roll in 10th to quarter of an inch maybe up to half an inch if you get caught under one saturday, sunday more sunshine, just as cool as today and tomorrow. monday through wednesday dry, well below average. have you picked out your
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christmas tree? they have in the state capital. crews in sacramento used a large crane to place the state tree on the lawn in front of the capital building never too soon to think about christmas the tree is from reading taking to sacramento with a chp escort. another sure sign the holidays are just around the corner the ice rink at union square in san francisco opened yesterday. this is the fifth straight year the rink has been opened on the square money raised will benefit the boys and girls clubs of san francisco and their recreation and parks department. the rink will remain open through late january. prince charles downunder getting a lesson in sheep sheering. next, the goodwill tour he's on.
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welcome back. looking down from mount tamalpais this morning moving just a little bit, gusty breezes, gusts up to 35 to nearly four miles per hour. hold on to those steering wheels and the hats. we'll talk about the wet weather in just a few minutes. nordstrom is taking a new approach to feature collections of young designers. the chain says it is opening six pop-up shops in february, including one in san francisco. the shops will feature limited edition merchandise from up and coming designers including 10 finalist for the vogue fashion fund. it awards $300,000 each year to the winner.
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prince charles and wife camilla are in the outback in morning. their six-day trip to australia is part of the queen's diamond jubilee celebrations. they visited a farm to learn how the family produces highly prized wool. he even tried his hand at fleece throwing. 5:20 . developing news on the peninsula. -- a hotel was evacuated overnight. terry mcsweeney is on the scene with new complains from the hotel residents or tenants. next, passage of prop 30 for california college students, it means the check may be in the mail. police making another arrest in the torching of a muni bus. police say they are not done yet. temperatures down in the 50s to near 60 those are our highs for today, scattered
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showers on the way. around the state rain moving into the south, rain moving into the north. snow developing up in the sierra. no matter where you go today it is going to be tricky travel. we'll be back right after this break.
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good morning. go ahead and finish. >> morning. how are you ya? >> i'm fine how are you? >> we are both doing fine
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except we have a tale of two seasons in one week. >> 90° monday, 60 friday and in the middle rain. that's the transition wet weather, winds waiting for you gusting around 35, 40 miles per hour. right now everything dry. waiting for the storm to come in from the northwest. crescent city, eureka getting light to moderate rain now out of these showers. the initial system is moving off to the east. the entire cold air is moving down to the south. we'll see more showers develop on the tail end of this and head towards us for the morning in the north bay and afternoon in the south bay. not going to be a heavy rain it going to be a fast mover, 10th to quarter of an inch, more chances once the initial line passes during the evening overnight hours into tomorrow
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we could get up to half an inch if you get caught unone of these thunderstorms. -- under one of these thunderstorms. cold compared to earlier in the week mid to upper 50s, mid 50s coast mid 50 to six foye for the rest of the us. -- mid 50s to 60 for the rest of us. developing news in burlingame we continue to follow in the past half hour people are being allowed back into their hotel rooms after being evacuated for several hours this morning. terry mcsweeney is there live with the latest. there was a problem with the boiler? >> reporter: carbon monoxide coming from a boiler here at the hotel. after an evacuation that lasted 3 1/2 hours, four hours everybody allowed back into the embassy suite in burlingame. not everyone is happy about the way the hotel communicated about the situation. take a look at some people as
5:31 am
they were evacuating earlier today, guests were awakened by alarm 12:30 this morning. fire crews sounded that after finding high levels of carbon monoxide in the hotel. the air was being testified after a guest was taken to the hospital from the hotel 6:30 last night, tested, turned out he had carbon monoxide poisoning, found out he was staying here, they checked it out, it was a bad boiler, it has been cleared, hotel ventilator and everybody loud back in some guests, not happy. >> at one point the hotel told us to check out police said it was okay to stay, i don't know so i'm checking out. >> reporter: where have you been the last four hours? >> standing out here in the breeze or in the lobby which to me if they were letting 'em in the lobby because gas settles to the floor was the wrong thing to do. >> reporter: the gives were exhausted. they had to leave the -- the
5:32 am
guests were exhausted. they had to leave the hotel their alternative was to sleep in their car, many of these people from out of town, in town on business. the latest is it is all clear, everyone allowed back in it is ventilated and safe again we are told. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. this morning a man is in custody an a pipe bomb was found in his car in san jose. the bomb squad detonated the device after the man was pulled off near north first street nobody was evacuated nearby holiday inn did warn guests to stay indoors. traffic was shutdown for a few hours. the man suspected of killing retired school teacher in hercules is scheduled to be arraigned this morning. darnell keith washington faces a multitude of charges, including robbery, burglary and carjacking. police say he and his wife tanya washington murdered 55-year-old susie ko at her
5:33 am
home last month and stole her car. his wife still faces extradition from washington state where the couple was arrested following a crime spree that authorities say included a jail break and shooting at a deputy. this afternoon one of the men accused of vandalizing a muni bus in the giants world series celebration last week is scheduled for his arraignment. yesterday police arrested another suspect thanks to social media. ama daetz has the details. >> reporter: they smashed, trashed and torched this muni bus during the world series celebration on october 29th. police arrested a second suspect 19-year-old nicholas hudson of daly city. >> this person was seen smashing out the window and vandalizing the muni bus. >> reporter: the public helped track hudson down. >> if it wasn't through the use of social media and the help of the public, we probably wouldn't have captured this person. >> reporter: social media also
5:34 am
helped police arrest 22-year-old gregory miss. he was caught after this picture went viral. police hope the public can help do it again. they are releasing more pictures. he uses a skateboard to break the windows. in addition never looking for this man. -- in addition, they are looking for this man. dressed in a red and stripe -- police still haven't found these two arsonists we showed you last week. you can see them setting fire to the bus. >> they are all felony crimes, arson damaging the muni bus, they are all serious crimes. as you her from our district attorney and city attorney, they -- as you heard from the district attorney and the city attorney they are going to prosecute to the fullest. >> reporter: those convicted will be forced to pay restitution the mayor says the cost to replace that bus is
5:35 am
about a million dollars. ama daetz, abc7 news. president obama isn't spending any time celebrating his reelection, he's back to work facing an upcoming showdown with congressional republicans overtaxes, deficits and impending fiscal cliff. the president and family -- hurricaned to the white house last night mr. obama had already been on the phone with top leaders of the house and senate all involved in staking out opening positions. katie marzullo will have more in the next half hour. students enrolled in the california state university system are getting a refound thanks to voter approval of prop 30. the measure rolls back all of this year's fee increases at state university campuses. many students will get back $249 at the end of this month, in the form of a direct deposit. other campuses are crediting students for next semester. tuition will revert back to last year's numbers $5500.
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does attorneys around the state are preparing to ask judges for reduced sentences for thousands serving life in prison for minor crimes. this follows the passage of prop 36 tuesday, revision to california's three strikes law. up to 3,000 prisoners could apply to be released or get a shorter sentence. public defenders say it could take up to two years. prop 36 was passed with nearly 69%. in the laugh half hour, stretch of highway 13 in oakland has reopened following overnight work to shore up a hillside. caltrans shut highway 13 down between broadway terrace and moraga avenue out of concern this morning's storm might trigger a rock slide. crews have put up cement barriers along the showeds. my marker for how cold it
5:37 am
is getting is when you feel the need to turn on your seat warmers in your car. >> did you do that? >> yes. >> you might have to leave it on this afternoon. >> we'll see. >> you are taking me home, right, i don't have those in my car. >> for a fee. we'll negotiate that later. >> that must be nice. here's a look at radar and satellite, crescent city eureka rio del all about to get wet or getting wet with showers that are moderate at times but very narrow and moving quickly not going to drop a lot of rain that will be the case when they get here until then it is very breezy this morning surprised there's not a high wind warning on some of the bridges especially golden gate running perpendicular to west winds gusting up to 30, 35 miles per hour around sfo, oakland and hayward, 24 novato
5:38 am
fairfield 23 livermore northwest three san jose west wind santa rosa at eight many today breezy and cooler, 40s, 50s through 7:00, 50s all day showers into the north bay during the morning moving through the heart of the bay during lunch, south bay during the afternoon, more scattered showers during the evening hours some could contain thunder as will tomorrow's scattered showers dry saturday, sunday, barely struggling to get to 60° for a high. good morning. flowing nicely this thursday morning macarthur maze from 80, 580, 880 no delays once you get into the toll plaza, no metering lights everything looking good so far upper deck earlier stall at treasure island cleared, good as you head into san francisco san mateo bridge getting a little crowded.
5:39 am
looking at a 15 minute trip from the east bay to the peninsula without problems. eastbound highway 4 reports of an earlier accident chp says that that has been cleared westbound slow out of antioch towards 242 from hillcrest avenue typical for this time of day. broadway tunnel remains closed for the next 20 minutes or so they are still cleaning that tunnel ongoing until the 16th of this month due to wrap up at 6:00 there is a detour in place. next, unusual development and more trouble on the east coast with the nor'easter hitting the hard hit areas by sandy, more power outages. another story and that is an unusual development and -- a woman's lawsuit against her school. a bay area company trying to help people find housing. >> we'll be
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check out the roof cam -- [ inaudible ]
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the search is on this morning for a gunman who shot at a deputy in none ray county. the deputy was behind the wheel of her patrol car and just turned on to meridian road in prunedale when someone shot out the window of her car 4:30 yesterday afternoon a piece of flying glass cut the deputy in the back of the neck. she is expected to be fine. moraga school district changing tactics in defense against a lawsuit by a former student. district leaders drew outrage when they responded to the suit by claiming cunnane's carelessness or negligence may
5:44 am
have played a role in what happened. yesterday the district issued a statement apologizing to cunnane for any anxiety or distress it caused and directed its attorney to withdraw that line of defense. she accepts the apology. chevron will use corrosion resistant piping to rebuild a section of is refinery damaged by fire in august the fire erupted when a crack developed in piping that drew oil from the processing unit. investigators said the company didn't inspect or replace piping it knew might be vulnerable. yesterday, the general manager notified bay area air quality officials those pipes will be replaced and the company is inspecting other pipes that may be at risk. the work is expected to be completed next march. we have jobless numbers just in for the government. next the bloomberg business report. it is misery on top of misery this morning for
5:45 am
victims of sandy. new round of wind and rain hitting the storm battered northeast >> how a bay area company is pitching in to put roofs over the heads of people left homeless by sandy.
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5:48 am
>> state getting flanked by rain even thunderstorms over the see rather starting to turn into snow showers. if you are heading that way, winter weather is going to break out, look at the snow in the high country even up towards mt. shasta, 50s you are reek character chico, -- eureka, chico, heading to the high country, we have that winter weather advisory from 4:00 today to 4:00 friday for tahoe up to 10 inches of snow above 7,000 feet, 8 inches above 4500 feet, snow level will drop to near 3,000 feet. probably chain requirements, so check ahead >> the nor'easter that interrupted recovery efforts from superstorm sandy is pulling away slowly from new york and new jersey making its way into new england this morning. let's look at what it has let in new york city. a live picture that is the columbus circle area to the right is central park there is
5:49 am
traffic buses are moving the snow on the sidewalks, what you can't see is how windy it still feels, how blustery and cold it is normally something like this would be no big deal but this is after superstorm sandy. the falling temperatures are adding to the problems for those who already lost heat and electricity because of sandy. new jersey issued mandatory evacuation order for several coastline communities. >> cops are knocking on doors telling us we to evacuate immediately. they are expecting another surge of water and they want everybody out of the houses. >> we may face a setback in the next 24 hours. you need to be prepared for that. i'm prepared for that. >> a lot of people still without power, more have jut lost power people shivering in the cold some out of their homes from sandy drivers dealing with icy roads, closed highways on top of gas shortages and adjusted mass
5:50 am
transit. nor'easter is affecting travel here. 11 flights scheduled to arrive in san francisco if philadelphia, newark and new york are cancelled. one departing flight from sfo to new york is cancelled, 31 flights cancelled yesterday i am call ahead. a company is helping sandy victims find new housing, air b & b is creating a -- [ unintelligible ] you said more people are losing power because of the nor'easter governor christy said there are 1,000 crews on the ground and he's not letting them leave until all the power is restored
5:51 am
. >> cooler and breezy conditions from mount tamalpais to sausalito, san francisco down to about hayward maybe that's a nice clean air mass right now. doppler out of eureka showers and moderate showers out there with yellows and oranges, slide down towards our neighborhoods, quiet, temperatures 40s and 50s and breezy conditions winds up to 35 miles per hour.
5:52 am
a little wind chill outside. low to mid 50s monterey bay mid to upper 50s inland. breezy, showers today and tomorrow, thunder possible tonight and tomorrow small hail, cool mornings sunday and monday where frost will threaten our north bay valleys. today temperatures well below average. cold front moved through last night, waking up to partly cloudy, breezy conditions. trough of low pressure will be the trigger for the showers. look at how big this cold air dome is going to hang around for four or five days. after the morning rush showers break out in the north bay heart of the bay during the lunch hour south bay in the afternoon a little break during the evening rush showers redevelop during the latter parts of the evening into the overnight hours tomorrow clear thunderstorms roll in friday evening's
5:53 am
forecast a 10th to quarter of an inch of rain out this we get up to half an inch if you get caught under one of these he showers and thunderstorms especially tomorrow drier, brighter saturday and sunday still locked into cool air mass temperatures may bump up monday after that frost in the morning below average tuesday and wednesday afternoon. san jose, 280 northbound past highway 17, getting a little busier, still light and moving at the limit towards cupertino highway 17 no problems, nice ride out of the santa cruz mountains into san jose. golden gate bridge fog-free, four lanes southbound, no problems out of the waldo tunnel towards the toll. little farther north, busier 101 southbound through central san rafael freitas park towards north san pedro and lincoln avenue things at the limit earlier roadwork in
5:54 am
southern marin picked up bart reporting 15 to 20 minute delay between colma south city daly city earlier equipment problems no other mass transit problems. new study says cancer patients may lower their risk of dying from the disease if they take cholesterol-lowering drugs. researchers found patients who took statins before and after diagnosis lower risk of dying by 15%. the report suggests that statins not only limit growth of cancer cells also make them more vulnerable to certain therapies. stock futures recovering this morning after the largest drop on the dow -- drop in the dow of the year. jobless report indicates the number of people applying for employment benefits last week fell by 8,000 to 355,000, a possible sign of a healing
5:55 am
job market. officials caution that number could be distorted by superstorm sandy. >> here's jane king. attention shoppers! wal-mart opening 8 p.m. thank thanksgiving day, two hours earlier than last year, customers who line-up inside the store between 10 and 11 that night deals on ipads, tv's and blue-ray players will get the black friday price later the store they are in sells out. yesterday the biggest decline in a year for the dow, investors worried about budget showdown between president obama and a republican-controlled house. for veterans lousy weekend for calorie counting good for getting free food, free doughnut and coffee at krispy kreme, free pizza, free panics and free wings at hooters. some celebrating veterans day
5:56 am
monday may help chains fill tables on the slowest day of the week. i'm jane king. 21-year-old man behind bars after police say he broke into the napa county home of nancy pelosi. investigators say kevin hey again broke into her home -- kevin h egan broke into her home twice. they say he had a watch taken from her house. pelosi was not there during the break-s. he has admitted to during -- burglarizing sick homes in the area. former stanford -- quarterback luck --
5:57 am
still ahead, new jobs, new stores and new traffic. we are live at the new mall opening in a few hours. california voters said no genetically modified food . >> electronics and applies -- and appliances maybe on your ñ
5:58 am
5:59 am
the bay area is on storm watch once again in live picture shows san francis

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